Totoro Moss Terrarium

Studio Ghibli Moss Terrarium

Mini Chibi-Totoro Terrarium

JiJi Studio Ghibli Closeup Moss Terrarium

I’ve always loved the look of terrariums. Little bright worlds that you place on your desk, providing sheer delight and wonder to any observer, especially when you add some charming little figurines like these guys. I’m particularly fond of Jiji’s lil world (cat from Kiki’s Delivery Service), full of nice, green plump moss!

When I researched them I thought they seemed waaay too expensive to buy and so decided to make my own..

With my boyfriend visiting from China I took advantage of the AWESOME website that is Taobao and got some cute little Studio Ghibli figurines, ordered some gravel and mason jars from Amazon and set about looking for some nice moss outside the house.
Honestly, who knew moss was so beautiful? Now I look at my neighbours fluffy roof with envy…

The layers in the Totoro one are a bit messy and I plan to return to this.
I’d also like to add in some miniature ferns but can’t seem to locate these here in the UK
(・Д・)ノ argh

Can’t wait to make my next terrarium!