A little review of my Treehouse coding experience a week in.
I have always been interested in learning how to code so it has been great to find this resource. Initially I just took it to learn Front End Web Development but upon finding out what else they offer, I really couldn’t be more excited.

MOBILE APPS!! I’m talking to you, my main love in design and one day I will code you!

Treehouse tracks

So i’ve been using Treehouse for just over a week now and I have to admit it is pretty cool. I first took Digital Literacy with Joy, my awesome video mentor who actually made what would ordinarily be quite dull into something rather fun and engaging. Here’s a screenshot of one of Joy’s videos and a little look at Treehouse’s interface:

Joy's video lessonsTreehouse progressTreehouse Quiz

I have knowledge of HTML and CSS but none whatsoever of Javascript. The Digital Literacy Track gives you an intro into all of these so even if you’ve never encountered these before, it’s really not a problem.

So far I’ve really enjoyed the Treehouse teaching methods:
Watch a video or two for understanding, do a short quiz and then use what you’ve learnt in a task (using Workspace, their text editor).

For the Digital Literacy Track we made a website that called upon certain functions in Javascript to give a funny random sentence, all based on user input. I had a lot of fun with this actually and ended up testing it on my siblings… Treehouse Javascript functionsI’ve since moved on to the WordPress Development Track and found the change of video mentor quite disorientating! I miss you Joy!

Anyway… I do love the interface. So easy to navigate and find exactly what you’re looking for. It’s also quite encouraging, I especially like the time estimate. I mean when I see only “13 mins” I think wow, that’s totally doable right now! Also if you’ve forgotten to visit in a few days, they send you an email with a link to where you’ve left off, it definitely helps keep you on track. Also check out some of my badges:

Treehouse Coding Badges

If you would like to join the Treehouse community, you can get 50% off your first month with my referral link. 

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